The Roles of Geologists in Mineral Exploration: Australia

Roles of Geologist in Mining Process

You could take a look at the aspects of Australia’s mining and discover quite interestingly that the country is home to some of the world’s top-quality of mineral resource. In fact, it would be most interesting to know that the Argyle mine in Western Australia stands as the world’s leading producers of diamonds by volume.

But how exactly does the country discover the resources it explores?

Two words: Infield Geologists.

What Geologists Do?

Geologists go into the field to explore most of the country’s rocks and its constituent. These highly trained professionals and experts in the field approach the earth with understanding and get samples for the lab through core drilling. They then identify and test for the presence of minerals in these constituents of the earth.

How do these Geologists discover more minerals?
Geologists by core drilling drill rocks in prospective areas of mineral exploration and determine the constituents of the rocks in those areas.

Core Drilling: A Path to Exploration

Core Drilling is a very old drilling method much different from conventional drilling. It makes use of coring drill bits coated with diamond. These drill bits in core drills are the cutting tools and they spin fast and go at high revolutions per minute, typically between 300 to 1200 rpm.

Laboratory Techniques

After the core drilling process, the geologists get back into the lab and test the core samples they have obtained. The core samples which they get in the core drilling process is analyzed to determine its constituents. For suspected areas of exploration, the geologists, in their duties, might need to obtain further samples at the regions to ascertain the likelihood of getting more minerals from the grounds.

Back to the Drilling Grounds

When more core samples are needed, the geologists go back to the core drilling grounds and get more sample from the earth. These high-quality samples are then once again taken to the lab, and there testing continues.

In the world of mining and mineral exploration, geologists continue to play a very vital role in helping the country advance by finding more minerals and digging for more of the country’s resources that lie within its crust.

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