All You Need To Know About Applying Road Saws

Having received so many questions about the subjects from clients and the general public, we have decided to create a blog to help answer these questions. Having said that, here’s everything you need to know about what a road saw is and it’s applications.

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What is Road Sawing?

Road sawing is the process of utilizing heavy machinery, referred to as road saws, to make cuts into the surface of solid materials like roads (hence the name).

What are Road Saws?

A road saw is a heavy machine used to cut solid surfaces e.g. bricks, concrete, asphalt, masonry. It is either powered by fuel, electricity, or hydraulic or pneumatic pressure depending on its model. Some road saws can be handheld while others are operated as a big walk-behind saw. They are also called concrete saws.

The road saw is used for cutting holes in roads or material similar in thickness. The basic mechanism includes cross braces mounted on a truck body, with multiple cutters that can slide in and out on either side of the truck body, to position the cutters along pre-marked lanes lines on the road.

The cutters are dropped and energized so it can cut through the road with the required hole depth. There is also a water supply through nozzles directed towards the nozzles to cool and lubricate the blades. When the cut is finished, the cutters are withdrawn and the water is turned off. A different nozzle directs air to the cut to blow off with a blast dirt, water and dust from the cut hole.

Using Road Saws

Here are a few things to consider when using a road saw are:

  • Be sure not to force the blade of the road saw into a cut. The most effective way to cut through fast and efficiently is by letting the weight of the saw and blade handle the cutting.
  • Don’t use your hand saw for an extended period of time at a time. This measure is carried out to prevent it from overheating and also to prolong the shelf life of your road saw.
  • Protect your body parts (with safety helmets, half-face masks and protective goggles) that could sustain permanent damage from this work like your ears, eyes and lung. Road saw usage is a very loud and messy activity and road saw accidents are very common.
  • If you’ll be using your road saw for many DIY project, a diamond blade is your best option.
  • Never forget to examine the road saw’s blade to confirm if it is in good condition for use and to know if cleaning or servicing is required.
  • Buy suitable diamond blades for your road saw according to the task requirements.

It is also advisable to do extensive research on road saws before handling one. All newly purchased road saws come with instruction or operation manuals, these have basic road saw operation how-to.

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